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Our company Consultdustry business consulting and interim management – serving Tech Industry in ASEAN – did received an increasing demand from potential customers;
• investors
– private equity, venture capital, investment banking, hedge funds
• businesses (corporate finance, strategy, business development)
– industrials, MNCs (multinational companies), SMEs (small medium enterprises), start-ups
• professional service firms
– global consultants, legal firms, marketing research, mergers and acquisitions, executive search
for prompt intelligence business services / business consulting as
• market insights,
• financial, legal, tax and technical information & advice
• momentary interim professional support.

Considering these service are complementary and fit in our concept of our Consultdustry business consulting services
• “providing exceptional skills, management and business solutions”
but do also have a different approach, intensity and greater regional reach as Consultdustry we have set up Asia Market Experts.

At present, Asia Market Experts is matching and supervising Asia intelligence and business development services projects. We are associate with approximately 1,500 selected (mostly independent) experts / consultants, whom are in projects supervised by the regional / country managers.

Insights, advise and execution – Asia Market Experts provides customers a prompt, flexible and cost efficient support to solve business challenges in east, southern and south-eastern Asia.

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