Asia Consulting Services Knowledge Base


Asia Consulting Services Knowledge Base

Asia Consulting – what can clients expect of Asia Market Experts?

Asia Market Experts (AME) provides local Asia Consulting Services; business intelligence, and business development services
• in-depth insights to empower decision making
• business consulting: business development, market, finance, legal & strategy consultants/advisors
• management execution: market insights, sales representatives, professional interim support

In this knowledge base, we have published several articles to share our vision, mindset and approach. These articles will undoubtedly contribute to purposeful and structured mutual communication, focused realization of commissioning, and the assignment results’ quality.


In consulting, you quickly get buried under the many concepts, terminology and contemporary and current buzzwords. And whether this is not already sufficiently confusing, it often appears, fed by their background and experience, to give a different interpretation of all these concepts.
For example, what is meant by Asset Management? Is this;
– financial asset management; financial service investment management
– engineering asset management; optimized life cycle management of usage and costs in relation to risk, maintenance, repair and replacement
– enterprise asset management; the business of processing and management information systems


Consulting must be tangible and efforts measurable. With our Asia consulting experts, we stand for clarity and delivering a high-level quality service. That is why we want to introduce our potential customers to our methods and procedures and share insights into our services, possibilities and impossibilities. With this goal, customers can form an opinion, set conditions, and clarify their expectations.


The order intake and, in particular, the job description is the basis for a good and client-oriented order execution. Consider an article as a checklist and specify the starting points and desired outcomes together with us. Also, consider whether additional consulting services are necessary and whether these will provide added value.

General – Asia Consulting Services Articles

• Asia Experts
• Asia Markets
• Business Development
Business Intelligence
Hiring Independent Contractors: pros, cons and tips

Research & (Pre)-Select – Asia Consulting Services Articles

Market Surveys
Distribution Channels
Sourcing and Outsourcing
Business Partnerships
Mergers and Acquisitions
• Capital Funds & Investors
• Sourcing Executives & Staff
• Business Location(s)
• Investment Research

Analyse & Plan – Asia Consulting Services Articles

Feasibility Studies
Market Research
Market Analysis
Competitive Analysis
New Market Entry
• Strategic Business Planning
• Strategic Scenarios & Prognoses
• Financial Modelling & Valuation
• Emerging Market & Investments

Advice & Inquire – Asia Consulting Services Articles

• Business Setup & Registration
• Tax, Finance & Accounting
• Legal & Business Regulations
• Assets & Investment Mgt
• Due Diligence
• Technology & Manufacturing
• Employment Regulations
• Financial Restructuring
• Distressed Investments & Debts

Support & Execute – Asia Consulting Services Articles

Local Sales Representatives
Procurement & Contract Management
Commissioning QC & Expediting
• Logistics & Freight Forwarding
• Project & Product Engineering
• Non-Executive Counsellors
• Interim Executives
• Solve Operational Obstacles
• Training By Enhanced Capability