Business Partnerships

Asia Market Experts (AME) – your business partner in Asia
• provides in-depth insights to empower decision making
• crucial for business success
• is business partnerships strategy
• define business partnerships criteria and set conditional elements
• find and select prospective partner candidates
• guide formation, analyse and forecast business partnership success
• co-draft and assist in Memorandum of Understanding and partnership contract
• implement operational (business partnerships) procedures and co-develop a communication strategy
• independently or in collaboration with others,
• for specified geographic target markets
• throughout Asia.

Asia Market Experts Business Partnerships Services
Research studies into the opportunities and infeasibilities (identifying aspects), based upon predefined requirements relating to a cooperation. In consultation with the client, AME defines business partnerships criteria and the desired partner profile and will find prospective candidates for joint ventures, business support services, logistics & storage, R&D and innovations, informal information & expertise sharing, distribution & sales, sharing products & services, manufacturing capability. We guide the formation, set analytic procedures and forecast the success rate of a proposed partnership. In the follow-up phases; there will be a Memorandum of Understanding and the assisting in the entering into the (contractual) obligations of a partnership. We are independent, analyse and consult to preserve our client for unnecessary risks in a cooperation. To complete the partnership search and formation service, we implement operational procedures and co-develop a communication strategy to optimise internal and market/stakeholders interactions. At last, AME also intervenes in litigation and assist in the dissolution of the partnership company, buy-out or acquisition by a third party.