Distribution Channels

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• is a go-to-market strategy
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• independently or in collaboration with others,
• for specified geographic target markets
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Asia Market Experts Distribution Channels Services
Distribution channels, the chain of organisations involved in obtaining a product or service from the producer to the (end) customer, are critical in a go-to-market strategy (the P of Place in the marketing mix) and even decisive for business success. Basically, they can be classified into Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumers distribution channels, direct or indirect single-tier or indirect two-tier or reverse distribution models and finally in single or multichannel distribution strategies. With distribution channels, businesses should develop a competitive advantage in serving their customers, within a business’s geographical area of operations by evaluating and selecting distribution channel strategic and task-setting variables (preferred type of distribution channel(s), intermediary, functions, targets, pricing and provisions, reach, distributor abilities, distribution costs, service levels, client base, monitoring & control and various other criteria conditions and criteria that must result in benefits). Of course, one must also observe the decision to be made according to the options in the allocation of distribution obligations, such as additional, internal distributor tasks (f.e. training or repair service, etc.), (certified) partnerships or outsourcing. Also, the management and operation of own organisation to supervise and support the distribution channel(s) must be structured. After the design and determination of the channel distribution strategy and the associated elements, there will be the need to give content to the distribution channels through selection of and negotiation contracts with potential candidates, conclude agreements after that to start with the (assistance of) the implementation of the distribution channel plans and to continue further with guidance and monitoring.