Sourcing & Outsourcing

Asia Market Experts (AME) – your business partner in Asia
• provides in-depth insights to empower decision making
• crucial for business success
• sourcing & outsourcing strategy
• define procurement and contracting strategy
• find, select and negotiate and conclude contracts with (potential) suppliers and contractors
• implement and manage sourcing and outsourcing plans and contracts
• analyse, advise and optimise procurement performance
• reduce procurement expenditure and mitigate risks
• execute interim procurement management
• independently or in collaboration with others,
• for specified geographic target markets
• throughout Asia.

Asia Market Experts Sourcing and Outsourcing Services
Sourcing is the primary step of purchase process of finding and selecting suppliers and contractors while outsourcing is the complete purchasing process including contract management. Other common terms used for this activity is supply management or procurement. In procurement we differentiate 1. direct supply chain goods like: raw materials, semi-finished products and components, finished products, 2. procurement concerning indirect goods: operational resources such as maintenance, repair, and operating items (MRO), production support items and (sourced) services and 3. the high value, mostly project and/or strategic/investment driven procurement of capital equipment (CapEx investments) and (sub)- contracting. AME primary focus is finding and building strategic, marked as high value and high-risk goods and services, and develop those procurement relationships. As consultants, we also analyse and advise concerning the procurement lifecycle (f.e. spend analysis) and procurement performance with the aim to optimise processes, reduce expenditure and mitigate risks. Asia Market Experts is also able to provide, full-time or part-time, interim procurement management, and therefore execute, temporary on location, strategic roles and tactical responsibilities of in sourcing and outsourcing activities.