Top Asia Intelligence & Business Development Experts


Asia Market Experts is a professional understanding platform focussing on Asia business. We match businesses in all sectors with our associated Asia intelligence experts and business development experts – the leading competent, pre-screened, non-exclusive experts, locals and expatriates, working and living in Eastern, South and Southeast Asia.
All Asia intelligence experts and business development experts, are top notch in their field of expertise; strategy planning, merge & acquisitions, business development, market research, market entry, sales and sourcing. Consulting; providing specific and highly sought knowledge about financing and legal matters. Or to support and to execute in desired roles.
Asia experts on demand at your service!

Business Asia, a determinative part of a world, with a progressive complexity and connectedness, with an increasing demand and velocity, requires precision and insight.
Collaborating with Asia Market Experts clients have numerous options to collect and filter information and to organise projects, to make far better decisions, and make business grow.

Asia Market Experts only work with the finest quality talents and seasoned individuals; associated (!) Asia intelligence experts and business development experts. All will certainly have a solid academic background as well as a beneficial career in leading businesses, across an array of industries. They also possess entrepreneurial skills, are often an independent consultant, semi-retired with a wealth of knowledge or self-employed as an owner of a firm.

We are extremely selective in our experts and will ever guard to keep client interests and information confidential and restricted. Therefore all our proposed Asia intelligence experts and business development experts assoicated to AME have accepted a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Compliance with Anti-Corruption laws and have a Certificate Good Conduct /outstanding references.

Asia Market Experts – some profiles of associates: Asia intelligence experts & business development experts

Analyse & Plan

• Feasibility Studies
• Market Research
• Market Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• New Market Entry
• Strategic Business Planning
• Strategic Scenarios & Prognoses
• Financial Modelling & Valuation
• Emerging Market & Investments

Research & (Pre)-Select

• Market Surveys
• Distribution Channels
• Sourcing and Outsourcing
• Business Partnerships
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Capital Funds & Investors
• Sourcing Executives & Staff
• Business Location(s)
• Investment Research

Advise & Inquire

• Business Setup & Registration
• Tax, Finance & Accounting
• Legal & Business Regulations
• Assets & Investment Mgt
• Due Diligence
• Technology & Manufacturing
• Employment Regulations
• Financial Restructuring
• Distressed Investments & Debts

Support & Execute

• Local Sales Representatives
• Purchase & Contract Mgt
• Commissioning QC & Expediting
• Logistics & Freight Forwarding
• Project & Product Engineering
• Non-Executive Counsellors
• Interim Executives
• Solve Operational Obstacles
• Training By Enhanced Capability